TENOR 2017

Wednesday 24 May 2017




Hacking, extending and wrapping

Hacking, extending, and wrapping are three verbs that are becoming increasingly important in musical engraving. They allow musicians and researchers to focus questions of big data, machine learning, digital creativity and new interfaces. As several stable alternatives for digital music representation have emerged in the music notation community - lilypond, guido, musicxml, abc, mei - knowing how to manipulate and transform these tools is becoming as important, if not more, as learning how to use them. This workshop, using LilyPond as a case-study, will treat notation software as a black box and will focus on hacking, extending, and wrapping the software in a variety of contexts. By the end, the goal is for students to feel as empowered as shapers of notation software as they are as users. In other words, the goal is for their work on the software to be as expressive and idiosyncratic as their work with the software.   more info

GUIDO lg & engine

The GUIDO Language and Engine

The Guido Notation Format is a general purpose formal language for representing score-level music in a platform-independent plain text and human readable way. The format comes with various software components for music score rendering and manipulation. The main of these components is the Guido Engine.   more info

Guido library
Study n. 55

Totalitarian Scoring Workshop

In this workshop, we will explore how the concept of Totalitarian Scoring can be raised to new levels by exploiting the immersive possibilities of VR headsets to create a novel, interactive notational environment for performers to explore.  more info