Topics of interest

Highlight topics

  • Vocal music: Technologies for the notation of musical creation for the voice
  • Technologies for the transcription and notation of Ancient Music Chant
  • Technologies for the transcription and notation of traditional music
  • Ethnomusicological Archives

Musical creation

  • Notation in electronic and electroacoustic music
  • Notation for interactive music
  • Notation for sound installations
  • Notation for multimedia and mixed arts
  • Live coding

Musical notation

  • Innovative computer applications for music notation
  • Languages for music notation
  • Gesture notation
  • Notatopn and mobile devices
  • Exchange formats for music notation
  • Online tools and languages for music notation and representation

Analysis, notation and pieces studies

  • Analysis of contemporary notations
  • Ontology of the notation of interactive music
  • Data mining, music notation corpus, databases

Representation, transcription

  • Sound visualization
  • Interactive representation
  • Non-western or ancient music transnotation
  • Representation and transcription in acoustic ecology and sound landscape
  • Optical music recognition

Listening, teaching

  • Listening guides
  • Live and offline annotation
  • Notations for music pedagogy