A Coruña

TENOR 2017

A Coruña is an ancient town located in a peninsula within the Bay of Artabria. The town was funded by king Breogan, who gaved it the name of Brigantia. In 1208 it was renamed Crunia. The rivers Mero, Mendo, Mandeo flow into the Bay of Artabria. The valleys, forest and estuaries of those rivers are natual wildlife santuary areas.

ca. 250.000 inhabitants living in municipal area;
215.000 live in the city
Warm-summer Mediterranean climate. The Atlantic ocean has an effect on the climate making it mild all through the year: the sea absorbs the heat during the summer and milds the winter cold.
Average temperature
(from 1981-2010)
April: 16.2 to 9.9
May 18.1 to 12
june 20.6 to 14.3
july 22.1 to 15.9
Latitude: 43.3712591
Longitude: -8.4188010
Time Zone: UTC/GMT+01:00
Airport of Alvedro
Distance to A Coruña: 8 Km. Unexpensive taxis take you to the city, and slow buses.
Airlines: Iberia, Air Europa, Vueling
Airpot of Lavacolla
(Santiago de Compostela): 68 Km distant to A Coruña. Airlines: Aer Lingus, Air Europa, EasyJet, EasyJet Switzerland, Iberia, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Swiss International Air Lines, Vueling

The City



Forests and Natural Wildlife Areas

Coast of Artabria